wanted Looking to Sell/Trade my Fish Peppers

I have TONS of fish peppers that are coming up faster than I can use them. I would like to sell them, (I actually have them posted on Ebay and Etsy), but that's slow going. So I'm willing to sell them or trade for other varieties. All my peppers are grown organically, no herbicide, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. I have smaller boxes (5x2x2) that can fit about 4 oz of peppers and SFRBs that could hold close to a pound. Small boxes I'm selling for $5 and flat rate boxes for $14. I'll trade for a comparable value of other hot peppers. You can check out my ebay listing for pictures (search "fresh fish peppers") and it should pop up. They are a medium hot, about that of a cayenne. Great for salsa and hot sauce making, I've already made some. :hot:​ The plants are beautiful and the seeds are viable. PM me for paypal info.