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looks like i ruined this guys day!!!

Gotta love it when the cocky ones try out supers.  It's always the cocky ones that can't handle it.  I have a neighbor who is ex-army, but he's now a military contractor and still works with the army.  He himself doesn't like to eat supers, but I keep a steady supply of them for him so he can bring some of the new recruits down to earth.  He says the new ones always come in cocky and gung ho thinking they are tough guys.  So he let's them try some of the peppers and it's priceless to see their reaction.  I wish I could be there to see them sometime.
Yea, this kind of thing is great! These kinds of people are what makes great entertainment at our hot pepper nights on Mondays. One guy who was sitting at a table said he was Asian and he was used to hot food, so he wanted to try what we had. We gave him a very small piece of a Brain Strain, like less than a cm square, and he was trashed and spit it out in a few seconds.It takes longer than that to get to full heat value on a Douglah. There were 3 guys at a table a few weeks ago and they said they were up for it, so I gave each of them the same sized piece of a Douglah, and all three were ruined. They turned all red and sweaty, and had that sick look, which most of us probably know already. One went right to the bathroom and the other two went outside for a while so not to show their shame to the crowd, which included a couple of young women they were trying to impress. I was proud of one boy though. He came in again last week and ate 5 times that amount just to prove something, and even though he was sweating, he took it like a man and even ate more after that. Anyway, good stuff, but I don't think if I was recording myself eating peppers, I would keep the footage to show to everyone and wait till I was ready for the big time. Just think, there are probably at least a half dozen peppers that are hotter than the one he was eating. Maybe he should have started with a habanero and worked up from there. NO, maybe a jalapeno. :)
Hahaha I like the "spiritual experience" reference... that definitely put him in perspective!  He had it coming :)

These are the moments you live for, Mike :P