raised-bed Lowering PH of my raised bed

SO I got a soil test done on my raised bed and my PH is 7.7 now if I want to get down to 6.3-6.5 I would need to add 2.5 lb per square foot of Elemental Sulfer does that sound right? Could I get a couple of bales of peat moss and add it in and wouldn't that help my organic matter and also lower my PH.
The soil test i have the results show per acre but here is what it says
Nitrate 13lb/acre
Phosporus 14/ppm
Potassium 185/ppm
Chloride   128 lb'acre
Sulfur       120lb/acre
Zinc         .91 ppm
Copper     .7ppm
Magnesium  666ppm
Calcium      4649 ppm
Sodium     59 ppm
Organic matter   3.3%
Carbonate (CCE)  2.4%
Sol. Salts .69 mmho/cm
PH 7.7
Now If I use Regular ag Fert they recommended to me to add
149 lb/acre of N
118 lb/acre of P2O5
25 lb/acre of K2O
5 lb/acre of ZN 
2lb/acre of Copper
I have 2 raised gardens that are 5x20
 So I would only need to put 2lb of 40-0-0 and 2 lb of 12-40-0 and 80lb of elemental sulfer
Would you guys recommend this or am I way off thanks for any help.
PexPeppers said:
coffee is nice and acidic and also has a buttload of nitrogen
Yes I use that in my beds all the time and on my trees. I also take all the used coffee grounds from work which is a 5 gallon bucket a week. I mix it in with my compost in my composter as well.