Lu Lu Seafood on Olive

This place has been around for years and is famous for the Dim Sum brunch on Saturdays. Ive been there for Dim Sum many many times and never had a bad experience. Ive only eaten there a couple times for lunch and i usually had the Americanized lunch specials like Hot Braised,
Well today we went with the intent to eat some more authentic Chinese food. Dan Dan noodles and Sichuan beef noodle soup ($8,78each). Plus a side of tofu skin rolls in oyster sauce.....Man are those suckers good. Ive had them before during Dim Sum. 3/$4.98...kinda pricey for those but they are good and made fresh.
I am stuffed. The bowl of beef noodle soup is simply massive and blood red. Absolutely delightful spicy tender beef chunks in a hot oily broth. Not sure what the greens were but they might have been water spinach. My brother got it and i just had a few samples of it.
I had the Dan Dan noodles with beef and was not disappointed although it could have used more sichuan peppercorns. The waitress seemed surprised i noticed. We told her when we ordered that WE like spicy after a warning from her..."You know this is spicy right?"....Oh yeah...we like spicy. :D
Mine was less soupy than these pics off of Yelp but otherwise its was on point. Hot chile oil and black vinegar on the side HELL YEAH...thats what im talking about!!!

Hard to find a good pic of the Sichuan beef noodle soup besides the menu pics WHICH btw looked just like the bowl we received. This was quite a bit hotter than the dan dan noodles and the spice blend they used was just top shelf.....Im getting this next time.

BTW dont forget to get a pineapple bun and an egg tart for desert. I was way too stuffed this time so leave some room for desert. There is no pineapple in them. Its just a sweet bread with a top crust that looks kinda like a pineapple skin.