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Lychee and Longan trees.

Just started to grow these trees. Hoping the fruit tastes as good as some of the fruits we've tryed here in the markets. First pix is Lychee. Lychee is the better tasting but Longan is tougher

This one is Longan, the are very similar fruits but can taste different. Longan is smaller for most types Lychee is bigger most types.
Yes I'm thinking of getting more Lychee trees as I like them alot and not so easy to get them fresh here. Longan are easy to get most of the year so two trees of them should be more than enough. I've never been abel to eat all the longan off one tree let alone two.
I love lychees so much, I could eat 3 lbs of that stuff in one sitting :D Longans are great too. But my favorite from the family is Rambutan. Awesome fruit!
Good luck with them!
lychees are awesome.
I had a longan drink at a Pho joint a couple of weeks ago, was delicious. :)

Edit: I use the word awesome too much!
Yes Lychee need cool to cold winter yes. But not all need it that cold for that long. As here does get + 30 c in most days in the winter and only under +20 at nights. And still fruit here. Growing them from seeds is mixed, as some taste bad and some good. It's like Citris. I've tryed to avoid growing anything that I've heard that about as I've got terabel tasteing Citris. And don't want to waste the time with others.