Madame Jeanette Pepper Opinions

As some of you know Im getting my list of peppers together for the 2021 season.  I bought some Madame Jeanette pepper seeds to add to the grow but have recently stumbled across a couple sites that said the pepper didnt really have any "flavor". Just heat.  If that is the case, I don't want to waste the time or resources on it.  I'll have plenty "heat" and flavor with my others.
Im looking for first hand opinions on this pepper.  
Thanks ahead 
I don't recall them having no flavor. I remember them being really nice. Not a face melter but more on the scotch bonnet level where I like things to be.
I got these and Bonda Ma Jaques in a SFRB a while back. I enjoyed them both and thought they were similar if that helps.
Happy 2021 growing season!
Thanks for the replies!  It's great to get first hand opinions.  I think I will add one or two plants to the grow list this year.  
Sannie, sounds like you are familiar with using them in meals.  Maybe you can share your favorite dish recipe that uses the Madame Jeanette pepper!   :P