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Make your best taco.

And it doesn't have to be mexican.
I put ever dang 'thang on a flour or corn tortilla.
Thats a taco.
Make a bigger taco.
Thats a burrito.
Its all good.
Ever had a brisket and egg breakfast taco?
How about a sun dried tomato, goat cheese, roasted garlic, pequin, and refried bean taco?
The rules are this.
Keep it flour or corn.
Home made or store bought.
If you post a pita taco I will like you but then unlike you.
And then probably still like you again if it looks really good.
Get crazy.
Lime cilantro chicken thighs with pequin powder.
I love pequins.
Flat topped.
Like a naval aircraft carrier.

And even more lime and cilantro.
In pintos and rice.

Roll it all up with some cheese and rock it!
The pics do no justice.

Those damn paper plates.
Give it to me!
dragonsfire said:
Nice, having beans this evening, already prepped, too bad didnt see this earlier lol.
Bean tacos.
I grew up on bean, jalapeno and cheese tacos.
The xalapas from our field.
A young boy standing alone.
Texas Rio Grand Valley.
in a 15 acre field of jalapenos.
Reach down.
Pull one off the vine.
Its half green and red and glistens with dew as the sun rises.
You eat it.
Now you're ready.
To go chase down the bull and cows that broke down the barb wire fence and got out.
Then you find the 2,500 pound bull with his cows.
And lead him back to the pasture with a bucket of grain.
Then you get a come a long and fix the posts and string the fence.
And then its time to catch the bus to school.
Because you're 13 years old.
And tacos are for lunch.


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I'm not sure if this is a Taco as such, I refer to it as more of a wrap. Anyway here it is.
Peri Peri styled chicken , white rice, slaw mix, baby rocket leaves and a halved Cayenne x Bhut pod.

This one was much the same except for the addition of grilled mushrooms. 

Both were sauced with GIP's "Kiss The Sun" sauce which is a perfect Taco/wrap sauce. It makes for an excellent pairing, thanks again GIP. 

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The Hot Pepper said:
I like the new TB. In the old days he would have thrown that quesa-rito-wrap on the ground. And GIP would have picked that sandwich right back up. :rofl:
Chipotle really has made a major impact on the Taco/Burrito/Quesadilla/Sammie world in recent years