mango aji and peach sugar rush pepper seeds - any experience with them?

Hello all, I am getting some mango aji round pepper seeds as well as sugar rush peach pepper seeds and some pineapple aji rocoto seeds. I planted some aji pineapple seeds and I really liked the peppers. 
I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the mango, peach or pineapple rocoto.
I used these peppers mostly to do arrabiata sauce.
My mango haven't germinated 1st try. Have to try again... googled the Arabbiata sauce. Looks good... cheers

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Seems like we're talking about two different species here, capsicum baccatum and capsicum pubescens/rocotos. 
Aji Mango, Aji Mango Round, Aji Pineapple, and Sugar Rush Peach are all c. baccatum. 
Pepperlover used to sell a Pineapple Rocoto and also a Desert Peach, but I'm not aware of any Mango Rocoto or a Peach Rocoto.  Of course, with all the names being invented for marketing purposes, maybe I'm missing something.
I would have expected various annuums to be a more common addition to an arrabiata sauce, but it's cool to be trying different things.  I'd expect a different flavor profile going from the baccatum to the pubescens; more different than any similarity based on the varieties having common names associated with the same fruit.  In my experience, the fruit tastes associated with various pepper names are often overstated.
Oops... I was talking about this one... See the blue arrow.

Mango. Prob similar to a Fresno.

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I have aji pineapple(capsicum baccatum) which is long and similar in shape and size as the cayenne pepper.
As CaneDog mentioned, These new seeds I got are pineapple rocoto, Capsicum pubescens. The mango rocoto and the sugar rush peach rocoto might be both capbsicum pubescens as well.
Again, CaneDog is correct, Arrabiata sauce most commonly uses annuums, I am from south america so I enjoy the sweet flavors of tropical fruits(pineapple and mango) so I decided to give it a try. 
Capsicum baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach' you will find is a good producer, has beautiful fruit and flowers, tastes super sweet and hot with that flavor profile that can only come from a C. baccatum! And for what it is worth, C. baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach' makes a good pollen donor for your interspecific hybrids.
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