MarcV 2021

OK guys, I know I'm not much of a writer on this forum but I do read it daily. Maybe it's time to try a glog again...
I started my seeds on the 1st of February. These are the ones I selected for my grow this year...
  • Farmers Market Jalapeno
  • Rayados Jalapeno
  • Zapotec Jalapeno
  • Jalapeno Dieghito
  • Telica Jalapeno
Scotch Bonnets:
  • Foodarama Yellow
  • Schneider Farms
  • Freeport Orange
  • Marabella Market Yellow
  • Papa Dreadie
  • Bhut Jolokia Caramel
  • Bhut Jolokia Peach
  • Ancho Poblano
  • Piment D'Espelette
  • Gochugaru
At first I wanted to make this a Jalapeno only season with 10 Jalapeno varieties + Piment D'Espelette and Gochugaru. But then I thought... the Scotch Bonnet season that I wanted to do in 2019 turned out into a fiasco, maybe I should give it another try? So I selected a couple of bonnets and added them to the list.
I have also always wanted to give bhuts a try. I have the seeds for quite some time now but never actually gave them a try. I hope they are still viable. I guess we'll see soon...
As for the miscellaneous varieties... The Piment D'Espelette is one I grow every year. I just love this chili. Not very hot but great taste. I have plenty of seeds that come from an actual Espelette farm so they are as true as they can be. Plants always grow very strong and are very early producing.
The Gochugaru is one that I am growing for my daughter. She loves Korean cooking and asked me to grow a Korean variety, I got the seeds from Super Hot Chiles (Jim Duffy).
The Ancho Poblano is "just another one" I would like to give a try. I saw some pictures of it on the facebook page of Fatalii Seeds and they looked so tempting I couldn't resist getting the seeds.
So here we are... 
No hooks yet... :D
Foodarama Yellow Scoth Bonnet : Large plant, lots of flowers but until now, as with all my scoth bonnets, flowers just fell of after flowering. But it looks like they are now starting to set fruits...


Freeport Orange Scotch Bonnet : nice bushy plant with lots of flowers and maybe already a well hidden young fruit growing...


Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet : Quite large and bushy plant, plenty of flowers and just starting to set fruits...


Schneider Farms Scotch Bonnet : probably my largest scotch bonnet plant. Also just starting to set fruits.


Gochugaru : Nice large plant growing some good sized chilies...


Jeromin : one of my personal favorites. Good sized fruits, early ripening, manageable heat, no bitterness, perfect for use in the kitchen :)


Piment D'Espelette : another one of my personal favorites. Good producer, early ripening

I also recently did a test germination of some seeds of smoke-dried Ñora chilies. I was happy to find that they did germinate, although only one out of 3 seeds did germinate. I kept the 2 strongest plants, although one of the plants had a little accident in the mean time...  :doh:

I know ñora seeds aren't hard to find, but these are from an original source. It is my belief that, when plants are grown and regrown from self harvested seeds and away from the original gene pool, they will somehow start to divergate from the original variety. I will try to find original seeds for whatever variety I like and always grow from these seeds instead of harvesting my own seeds.


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Things looked great back then, Marc!
I hope this season has continued to be
good for you. Should have some colorful
pods On the vine by now!

Nice selection of jalapeños.
Actually that was less that 2 weeks ago But they've grown quite a bit since then and production is really taking off!
In the mean time I'm already thinking of next year's grow. I got a few interesting local Mexican varieties from Dieter (ahayastani) that I definitely want to try but that's too late for this season.