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maybe a pepper?

I dug up a wild muscadine in the front yard, threw it in a pot, and this lil plant started growing next to it. It looked nice so I let it go for the vine to grow up. Now its almost looks like a pepper plant and I have no idea what it may be. White flowers with round black berries. Native to Mississippi its probably poisonous. :eh:


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Thanks Doc! I don't eat anything unless I absolutely know its good. Everything around here is either trying to kill you or eat you. Gonna have to move this away from the dogs.
DocHolliday said:
It's a common wild nightshade. Don't eat it!

Google S. americanum.
it could also be S. melanocerasum, but I could be wrong, a lot of wild solanums like that are considered poisonous although some like the garden huckleberry which is edible when cooked, looks some what like the plant shown I have several plants of it and really like the berries when cooked, but until your sure just what the plant is I wouldn't eat the berries.