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No good garden would be complete without some melons, thus I sowed 40 each of Sugar Baby and Florida Giant watermelon seeds and the same amount of Banana and Edisto 47 cantaloupe seeds. No way do I have room for all of them, some of these things seem to require up to 10' of space between plants. I'm hoping to sell enotugh plants to come close to covering my costs of seeds. But a question, for those who have/are growing these types of fruits:


The garden area I am leasing has some steep hills on a couple of sides. It's a demonstration project, so the idea is to grow as many types of veggies and fruits as possible. What I don't have in a garden, I have to maintain, as in mowing or somehow cutting weeds and grass.

The hilly area is about 15 feet wide, the top is level. My thought is to plant dwarf fruit trees in the middle of the hill but then I wondered - can I plant melons - watermelons and cantaloupes above the trees (the trees are seedlings - 2-4' tall at best) and let them grow down the hill. They would soon shade the ground, keeping the grass/weeds from growing. AFAIK, the melons would not rob the soil of any nuits. I'm just not sure if they would try to wrap around the trees and if they do, if trimming them would have an adverse effect.