Memorial Weekend Barn Sale n Social - Central Kentucky

Not ashamed to admit recent events have put a major damper on our plans for this year.  It is not set yet, but we are planning a Barn Sale and Social.  Thought is kind of like a rent raising party, but in this case a raising the mortgage and push business forward thing.

When: Saturday and Sunday: Memorial Day Weekend

Where: Our farm is between Waddy, KY and Shelbyville, KY
Pricing: All pricing will be "Take what you need.  Leave what you can."

Stuff: Plants of course.  Some small, some larger.  Peppers and garden vegetables.  Likely weird stuff too like woad.  But also hand made knives, swords, and metal work that I would ordinarily sell at the Renaissance Festival that starts the next weekend, bed frames, maybe furniture.  Computer equipment including rack servers, old but running.

Other Stuff: I have asked friends from the Farmers Markets and the Renaissance Festival to donate hand crafts.  So far we have home made goat milk soap and some hand made leather. 

Donations: If anyone here would like to donate hot sauce, powders, or anything else I will promote your business as much as I can and offer all the thanks in the world, but must be commercial / legal.  Sorry, home batch folk, I dont want to get busted.

Social: Right now all I have going is plans to bbq, door prizes, and things like that.  But I am asking friends and performers at the Renaissance Festival to donate entertainment.  So we might have performers.  If you would like to donate your time, would more than welcome demonstrations or workshops.  Not just on gardening and peppers, but on anything folk might find interesting.  Heck, we might have people juggling swords or something, anything will fit right in.

More Information:

For more information, I set up a Facebook Page (click link). Not much there yet, but the thing is not set in stone either. 

FreeportBum said:
Any updates on the barn sale and social?
Cancelled due to complete lack of interest.  Yours is the first inquiry here.  Had one other on the facebook page and that was it.  Thinking it was just a bad idea.  I have lots of them.