Mike-Ale Chile Beer and Corny Kegerator

Granted, my first homebrew didn't go so well, but it went well enough that a six dollar experiment has now become a full blown obsession for me. I've since bottled a new batch of new Mr. Beer 'West Coast Pale Ale'. I've read three books on brewing, and I've got two five gallon batches chillin out in secondary. Here's a little video on my latest exploits.
My own recipe brew, the one wrapped in the beige towel, I'm hoping turns out well. Because if it does I'm thinking about tweaking the recipe to make a chile pepper ale. Here's the recipe;


Would you guys drink this? is there anything I should change?
It sounds like a nice refreshing brew, and, of course I'd drink it. This is my personal preference but I stage all of my hops. I take the total amount of hops and add some at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. I'm a hop head so too much is never enough for me, so, I dry hop as well. The staging adds complexity to the brew and the dry hopping gives you the "in your face" aroma when you decant as well as while you're drinking. Always decant your brew. Never drink it straight from the bottle.