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MikeUSMC 2019 Grow

Finally got around to soaking seeds this morning :party:

Still not sure what the final quantity of each of these is going to be, but most of these will be multiples; x2, x3, and some possibly x4. I'm aiming to keep it under 40 plants, total. This will be my biggest Grow to date, and my 6th year growing :)

Starting from seed, and will eventually be grown in 5 gallon buckets, in 5:1:1 mix, either using CNS 17 or Dyna Gro liquid ferts. I'm still undecided on which ferts to use; I've had great success with both, but CNS is soooooo much cheaper! ;)

-7 Pot Douglah x4
-Chocolate Bhutlah DM
-Bahamian Goat x 3
-D3 "Giant" Goat F4 (D3monic)
-"OBEAH" (bumpy, lobed pheno from Genetikx) x2
-Reaper (big tail, from TGCM) x2
-Farmer's Market Jalapeño (TGCM)
-NuMex Twilight (several, out in front of my house)
-Scotch Bonnet, Papa Dreadie, select (Trident)
-Scotch Bonnet, Papa Dreadie (TGCM)
-Scotch Bonnet, MoA x2
-Scotch Bonnet, TFM x2
-Scotch Bonnet, Cappuccino x2
-Scotch Bonnet, Chocolate x4

(^ all quantities subject to change)

Also split an order of plants with a buddy of mine from Cross Country Nurseries, to be delivered the week of May 6th:
-7 Pot Brainstrain, Red
-7 Pot Brainstrain, Yellow
-7 Pot Primo, Yellow
-Peter Pepper, Red (I had to, lol)
-Sweet Cherry Stuffing pepper x2 - I plan on stuffing these with prosciutto and provolone, and jarring them in oil :party: (gonna have to stay in the fridge though :mope: )

Gonna be quiet in here, for a little bit, until it's time to take some decent pics, probably. Plant out isn't usually until mid May either, so.....

Anyway, wish me luck, and thanks for looking, everybody!!!
Best of luck, and happy growing to everyone this season!!! :metal:

Thanks, everyone!!!

Hab_Nut said:
Mike, are/were you on the C2C board?
Yup, that's me, Alex :)

Smoker pics are right here, bud :lol: Been trying to put out some good looking grub lately; particularly in the last few pages of this thread ;) Some good stuff throughout, but page 17 and on is what I've been up to lately

I'm actually heading out to grab a brisket in a little bit, to smoke for the Super Bowl. Stay tuned! :party:
Thanks again, everybody!

PaulG, I just threw a 17 pound brisket on the smoker last night, haha. You might wanna go check that thread out again ;)

D3monic said:
Nice list, I have some f5 seeds of the giant if you rather those?
Totally up to you, D3. Let me know which one you want me to grow out, man. I'll isolate the whole plant too. Here's pics of the monster pod you sent me, where my seeds came from :shocked: