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MikeUSMC 2021

What’s up, gang! This isn’t going to be much a GLOG this year; more of me just popping in and dropping a few pictures here and there, when I have the time (remember ;) )

Had a rough couple of years in the pepper department. Overtime (or night shift) at work for the past 2 years caused me to lose all of my seedlings in the Spring, forcing me to order plants online. No big deal but, when harvest time came around, I was working 6 nights a week, from 4pm-4am, with over an hour one-way commute 🙄 Didn’t have the time to harvest anything and ended up watching all of my pods rot on the vine. “No big deal,” I thought. “I still have a few gallons of pods in the chest freezer!” Well, as luck would have it, my chest freezer shit the bed, and I lost everything in there :rofl: Yeah, “Cry me a river!” ;)

2020 sucked for everybody :cheers:

On to 2021! :party:
Ordered plants from CCN, and they’re all doing well, although they’re not all what they said they were. No worries; I’ll make due 👍🏻

Growing in 5:1:1 mix, like always

I ordered a Red Bhut, but this is what came. Looks angrier than a Bhut to me, lol

White Bhuts are doing well. I have 2 plants. I plan on smoking these for powder, but also might throw a few into a batch of Rocketman’s “Theriac”.

Peach Bhut. Pods have a cool shape. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll use these for. Maybe jelly/jam or a peach salsa

Red Brain Strain plant is starting to load up nicely

This is supposed to be a Chocolate Bhutlah but I’m not positive that it is. Who knows? There’s so many different strains out there today. I grew the “DM” (David Minor) strain a few years ago but, this doesn’t look like that. Either way, this plant is cranking out pods so I’m not complaining ;)

Chocolate Scotch Bonnets (I have 2 or 3 plants)

Yellow Bonnets. Not crazy about the pheno but this is still the first round of pods

Fataliis have always done great for me, up here in Connecticut. They’ve always been fantastic producers

Cheiro Roxa. My first time growing one of these. Beautiful plant

I always plant 2 NuMex Twilights out in the front of my house

There’s a pot under there somewhere 😁

Other than what I’ve just posted, I think I just have a few off-pheno 7 Pot Douglahs and maybe a couple of others. I usually start seeing good harvests up here right after Labor Day. Wish me luck!

Thanks for looking, everybody
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Sure is nice to see those buckets growing again buddy! I've heard some bad press about CCN since the new folks took over. But, it looks like you're heading for a nice harvest, whatever they might be lol.

Hey, did you save seeds from that awesome Bonnet grow you did a few years ago? Just curious.
Hey, did you save seeds from that awesome Bonnet grow you did a few years ago? Just curious.
I’m pretty sure I did, Rick. I’ll have to check. Seeds would be from 2016, so they should still be viable. I’ll put you a package together one of these days, if you’d like. They’re all open-pollinated seeds though. Same address as a couple years ago?

Thanks for the compliments, boys!


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They’re all open-pollinated seeds though.

That's OK - what are they gonna cross with? Another bonnet? lol. Shoot, maybe we'll come up with Scotch Bonnet USMC. :rofl:

Same address as a couple years ago?

Yeah, same ole' place. Can't afford to buy anything these days, not that I would want to.


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Looks great, Mike. Some real gnarl showing in those bhuts!
20 plants looks like a very manageable grow. Good luck
bringing in the pods this Fall, buddy!
Well there's a board of color Mike sure puts a smile in your face doesn't it,great to see your Harvest going so well and can't wait to see how those pods are going to be used.🍻🙂