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Miniature "Bonsai" Carolina Reaper

Hi everyone, I know this isn't really a "Bonsai" plant but I've been trimming my Reaper so that it hopefully stays very small and in the "Bonsai" shape. Here are some Pics! Any chance this plant will produce a full size fruit? its about 2 months old!


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I have never tried the bonsai aspect with peppers, so I may be completely wrong.
But my understanding is you take a big plant with a fat stem, and trim it down to a bonsai shape. 
Is it possible to achieve a thick stem when you keep the plant small? I guess over time it shouldn't matter but I don't know :) 
i think that is not the 'correct' approach for bonsai.
i think plants won't get thick stems from age alone. they need lots of root space. huge pots or in the ground.
after growing in those conditions and getting a nice thick trunk, then you trim it down and transplant it into a small pot and turn it into a bonsai.
also, in my experience, you won't get full sized reapers with the proper appearance when your plants are that small.
scroll through that thread. you can see i had reapers bigger than yours that were fruiting, but they didn't put out proper looking pods until later in the season when they were fairly big.
imo put that plant in a bigger pot asap. the biggest pot you have space for.
Some nice phat leaves on that bad boy ghost...are you moving it outside once it warms up or is this just an inside project?
Won't get a big fat stem from age, that's for sure.
This plant turned 1 year old today! It's just been hanging out in the window sill for the last year. It never grew big, limited sunlight in an east facing window, small 4" pot.