for-sale Mixed Super Hot Boxes

Hi Guys,

The super hots are coming in faster than I can get rid of them. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a box. I was making one for my son today and I made 3 more identical boxes. Each box contains 32 peppers as follows:
3 Cheiro Do Norte
2 Yellow Douglah
3 Reaper x Ghost
2 Golden Habanero
2 7-Pot Nebru
3 Aji Lemon
2 Scotch Bonnet Brown
2 Scotch Bonnet Red
2 7-Pot Brain Strain
2 7-Pot Infinity
2 Nagabon
1 Yellow Ghost
1 7-Pot Primo
1 Red Ghost
2 Trinidad Black
2 Trinidad Orange

All peppers were just picked, 09/09/2021 11:05 EST. I am asking $25 for the box plus shipping. Thanks!


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