for-sale Mixed Super SFRBs


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Mixed Super SFRBs are available. These pods are from my garden. Harvested yesterday. Pods could include Bhut Arseclown, CPR, Primo Red Large, Gold Reaper, Yellow Fever, Nagabrains Yellow X Pumpkintail F2, Reaper X SRTSL F2, Primotalli, CGN Moruga F2, Texas Reaper F3, SB Elysium Oxide Rust, Yellow Stinger, SB MOA, KS Lemon Starrburst, Aji Carribean F4 (2 different phenos), Choc Reaper, Orange Ripple, Shabu Shabu, Mustard Reaper, Dragon's Breath, JAFSH, Not 7 Pot Mustard Gig, Jonah's Yellow Brain, Why Not F3, 7 Pot Armageddon, 7JDX, 7JPX, Swamp Thing, BBG X Carbonero, Carolina Reaper, 7JPN, Not Star Scream, 7 Pot Crown of Thorns Mustard, Not RR Big Peach, 7 Pot Oracle Yellow, 7 Pot Oracle ..... Others.

$20/SFRB - Labeled.

PM for PayPal details.
SFRBs are still available. Fresh pods. Thank you to those that have already ordered boxes. Now offering a MFRB as well. PM for details.
Received these today.

Fresh harvest today. SFRBs are available for shipment tomorrow. Only a few weeks left before the WX turns cold and we'll be done for the season. PM for details.
Last harvest of the season will happen this coming weekend. SFRBs and MFRBs will be available for shipping early next week. PM for details. This will be the end of the pods for this year.