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Hey ya'll once again from the big dry ditch in Las Vegas. I was going to grill today but ahhh...a little too hot once again. Maybe tomorrow will be more appropos. My gal had bought some very nice ground beef to make some sliders but she changed her mind as usual and opted instead for spinach/cheese ravioli with garlic cream sauce instead. Of course I was enlisted to do the cooking. So what to do with the ground beef? I have peppers. I have cheese. Duh..como se dice en espanol....poppers!!
Ground beef, japs, 4 cheese Mexi mix, shallots, Lawry's and fresh ground pepper. Here tis. Notice the melon ball tool I use to deseed. Works perfect.

The mix.



Have a great holiday ya'll....and cheers!!! Texas Bluesman
Walchit said:
That sour cream look bomb Ashen!

TB, do you lile the HEB better than the Kroger? I get the kroger ones sometimes and they are plenty good!
I love HEB but....
These were supposed to be sausage and cheddar.
But they lacked enough scheese.
Kroger only has them in cream cheese.
The HEB were still dang good for what they were.
But advantage goes to Kroger.