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So I was at our local oversized grocery chain store today, and they usually stock habs. I was fresh out, and needed some, so I make my way over to the produce, and get quite a shocker. First of all, the regular habs were larger than normal, but in peeking through the box looking for the most firm ones with the greenest caps, I found some anomalies:


Are those a specific type? Any ideas on either the variety? They may be a bit of an accidental cross. The box was Melissa's Fresh Farm Produce. I've bought Melissa's many times, but never seen anything with the size of these. They are easily 3 to 3 1/2 inches long, and close to that in diameter.

I've seen some big habs, but these take the cake. I will definitely be saving seeds, and will happily describe the flavor here.

Here's a pic of them in my hand:


I'm looking forward to one or two of them for desert :D
The local grocery store here got a shipment of those bad boys last year. I liked them a lot for eating fresh or cooking into foods - very thick and fleshy and taste fresher - not quite as hot per amount of weight though, so I prefer the smaller ones for sauces.

I do not know anything about the variety - the store just marketed them as habaneros. Clearly a different variety than what they normally carry though. Probably a new supplier that uses a different seed stock, otherwise the same old hab suppliers may be experimenting with varieties that yield them more weight per pepper.
interesting, the suplier probably got a deal on the pepper pods from the grower, or they aren't worried about shape or size just what they can get for weight. Nice large pods though.
I see a lot of orange Hab. Hybrid seeds sold by commercial seed suppliers.
Probably what those are.
I've been seeing a lot of large and different colored habs in the stores in the last few years.
Some are pretty large too.
A lot of pastel colors-Pink,Pink Orange dark and light orange,yellow etc.
Some have tails,look like scotch bonnets,barrel shaped among other weird shapes too.




I have found really mean looking habaneros that remind me of morugas but the heat is that of about a jalapeno interesting pods but I don't want to add more orange habanero plants so I don't save the seeds
The hottest pepper I have ever challenged myself to eat was a giant orange hab that was maybe even a little bit bigger than the one in your palm... we were on vacation in Olympic national park this summer and stopped in to pick up our campfire dinner at a local farmers market. They had lots of habs for cheap prices, but i decided to pick up a large habanero to stuff with cheese and smoke over the fire. I de-seeded the pepper (the seeds were dark brown) stuffed it and roasted it it perfection. After several beers, I was ready to do my "pepper challenge." the funny thing is tho... everyone who was going to witness me doing this to myself simultaneously decided to go to sleep. I ate the pepper and it was beautiful tasting, but the heat from it was out of this world. I couldn't believe it was that hot. The pain lasted for what seemed like must have been an hour. I have grown and cooked with super-hots (butchTs, bhuts, 7 pots, and even regular habs)... and eaten them semi raw (on egg muffins), but that pepper, even de-seeded, blows them all to hell!!! I have since read that orange habs are notorious for having varying levels of heat... a larger deviation than most other peppers. If this is true, then I would say that hab had to be pushing a million... at least 700,000 shu (hell it coulda been 2 million,-- I would not at all be surprised). Not only was this pepper a very, very large habanero, but it was packed with seeds that were browning, indicating to me that it was a mature pepper, very very mature. oh yeah... and the punchline is.... it might as well have never happened... no witnesses to backup the effect of that fiendish hab

I should mention that the funny part about that experience with the pepper is that the mouth and throat burn was unbearable, sure... but the lip burn from my saliva was the deadliest pain... I was crying and moaning.... thinking this was probabvly the worst mistake of my life. Oh and I drank all of our water bottles.... and almost shyt my pants the next day rofl!!! :onfire:
Poppers. Now there's a great idea!

Had one tonight with dinner:


It was actually pretty damned hot. There was no letup from a regular hab in the least. I didn't know quite what to expect. Very tasty. Almost had a bit of red bell in there. Thick fleshed as well. Of course I added some other goodies. There's a dash of MuskyMojo's smoke doughlah/scorpion powder, and a healthy shot of Smokemaster's smoked manzano powder on there too.

Overall, delicious. There was a healthy batch of seeds, but I have no clue as to how a pepper grown from these seeds would turn out. Whatever the results, I am willing to share some seeds. If anybody wants to give it a shot, hit me up on PM. First come first serve, as I work my way through these. I do plan on saving myself a few as well.

Gonna go back to the store tomorrow and shuffle through the box to see if there are any left ;)
i have been getting huge habs like that all winter from a local store that is supplied by bailey farms in n.c. mine were the red variety originating in the dominican republic
Hey Naga Chomper, those look like the ones I bought and posted here a day or so ago. Pretty tasty pepper. I am growing some out.
Wish i could find giant Yellow Habs with that good "yellow" taste they normally have, easily one of my favorites.

The orange has variance in taste for me, some good, some grassy tasting. I'm sure there can be a few reasons for that.