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Most beautiful pepper plant???

So, I am curious to see what you all think is the most beautiful looking Pepper or Pepper Plant you have grown or are growing.
I know there are "decorative" pepper plants out there but how is the flavor? Is there a "non-ornamental" that is just a pretty pod or plant?
Make this fun, Post pics, suggestions, comments and interact. :)
Ready, Set, GO!!!!!
Aji Omnicolor is you like baccatum flavor. I haven't tried any myself but its a very attractive plant.

Chinese 5 Color (annuum) Never tried these either.
If the Aji Omnicolor has a flavor even close to a lemon drop, you will love them. (Assuming you like baccatums) They will produced LOTS of peppers that are not brutally hot. I think it would be kinda cool being able to make hot sauce with a variety of colors off one plant. I still have frozen lemon drops from last year off just 2 plants.

Species: Chinese

This pepper is roughly 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch. This is a Dynamite pepper that grows in abundance on a small bush like plant. One plant can produce up to 100 pods.
I grew a lot of ornamental types  last year,this pepper stood out,thou' not an ornamental, d/t its various  lovely hues & good heat.On my bucket list as a repeat offender. ;)
I dont know if there is any one particular plant that is more beautiful than another, any more than I could say there is a best tasting pepper. All I know is any plant that I grow that put up a whole bunch of bright unblemished tasty hot peppers is beautiful in my eyes.
Blitz527 said:
Just snapped this pic a few minutes ago.  Be nice now because this plant was dug up in February and transplanted a few dozen yards away then hit with 48-0-0 the same day.  It dumped all of its leaves and I figured it was toast.  It's coming back fast and furious and if you zoom in you can see the first blooms starting to show.  I moved it due to the wife wanting another bell pepper.  Its all good!
Edit...  It is likely this is a hybrid as it was grown from the seed of a fish pepper seedling I purchased from a well know grower that grew up right under one of my Chiltepin hybrids.  Peppers are smaller than other Fish peppers and more along the lines of Habs in heat.