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yield Most Prolicic Aji Oro Plant In My Life!

I've had good grows before, but this Pube is making me wish I'd planted more!

I'll try my dammediest to do a glog next season, I'm just giddy as all get out to have such good results from these two.

Oh, the one on the left is Rocoto Rojo, and is performing nominally, but not like the Aji Oro...
Sunday morning, third weekend of August...

EVERY branch is doing this. Im'a gonna love Colorado! ❤️

The aura is to be expected.
Good stuff, Stetto! Glad to see Colorado treating you well.

Yeah, so far so great. The Rocoto Rojo is behaving better now as well.

Only issue I'm having with the Aji Oro is that the pods are ripening before they reach full size. I wonder if it isn't because of the volume of production? Right now they get to maybe half normal size, some smaller.

But it ain't actually broke, so I will enjoy what I get!
OK, no brainer, this gurl is getting overwinter action.

I'm tempted to do a pod counting contest a' la @Pepper-Guru, but the sweet thing just refuses to stop producing! There's about a dozen ripe ones I haven't picked yet, and several dozen more in various stages of growth, but I've never seen nodes so active!

Happy holiday everyone. 12 days from home ownership...again...

And here I just wanted a couple hobby plants to stay "involved"...
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