MOVED TO FORUM ADS......Baker's Peppers "Pepper/Pod Reviewer" OFFICIAL Nationwide CONTEST!!


Ok my fellow friends here on one of the GREATEST websites in the world,! We are back again here to post the month of March contest/giveaway! This month we decided to change it up a bit, as we have had literally hundreds of emails over the last 2+ years from all kinds of people wanting to be the "Official Pepper/Pod Reviewer" of Baker's Peppers LLC and! Well here's everyone's chance at locking down those braggin' rights for the next 6 months!! :) Thats right, this contest is to see who really wants to be the person who gets FREE pods each month to review via video review to upload to their YouTube page/channel!!! We are looking for the most dedicated people, with REAL serious YouTube followings, FaceBook fans, Twitter tweets, and all that good stuff!! I will list some of the criteria we are looking for and if you think you have what it takes to be the "Face" of my NUCLEAR HOT PEPPER videos, then by ALL means enter this contest!!

Requirements to Enter:

1. You must LOVE ALL things SPICY!! ;)
2. You must have an already set up YouTube Page/Channel.
3. You must be an active person on most of the social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all those types of websites)
4. You will be required to do 15+ minute video reviews of the peppers I send you.
5. You must be able to try your best to actually "review" the peppers while dealing with the HEAT! LOL :)
6. Each "Video Review" you record to upload to YouTube will be the property of Bakers Peppers LLC and each video review MUST pass through my hands prior to upload to the internet websites (For legal reasons...yadda yadda
7. You must be able to Upload and manage the media on your YouTube/Facebook accounts and such and I will post/embed links on my website to your pages/channels.

Here's how you actually win the contest: LOL :)

Post here in this thread a detailed description of why you think you deserve to be the OFFICIAL Pepper/Pod Reviewer for Baker's Peppers LLC and! Post links to the ACTUAL places where you will post the video reviews online. Be sure its the actual place they will be posted, as im looking to see actual "followers/likes" and such for each person entering in this contest. As im also looking to see the page layouts and such you have chosen to represent these videos! They must be labeled at the bottom of each video on the video itself "" and you must plug us throughout the reviews. We will work all that out as the time comes :) Thats it really! You get these exclusive rights for 6 FULL months until we run the contest again in 6 months, as well as FREE PEPPERS each month for 6 MONTHS!!!! :) We have 3 (THREE) "Reviewer Positions" available, and they will go to the top 3 entries/members who posted here! Contest is only open to people living in the USA, as we can only ship fresh peppers to the USA :)

Good luck everyone, and we cant wait to see what you guys come up with!! :)


This contest/promotion ends 3/31/2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Sizzling Salutations!,
Dale Baker Jr
Baker's Peppers LLC


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I wish I was into the whole internet fame thing.

How about a guy who just loves peppers for what they are, can easily handle the heat of even the most obnoxiously hot pepper, can talk through it the whole time, and be descriptive, doesn't need a spit bucket, or throwup catcher, and will give you an honest review without making it seem like a publicity stunt?