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MRM x 7 Pot Brown Peachy.......Orangey, Also?????

Hello again again!

This is my first attempt growing the MRM x 7 Pot Brown Peachy, (in a tiny tiny pot) I don't know how Peachy it should be. Does this look right....



........or did the forces bequeath another Awesome Orange Pod to this guy???

Either way, I'll take it. The smell is awful. It kinda smells like your hands after you have been working/playing in dry dirt. By dry dirt I mean not soil; field dirt on a hot dry day. Almost like that smell belongs on the outside of the pod. Lol. Dirty, slightly funky, musty, non-fruity, non-mouth watering, no actual discernible aromas.

No, no thanks......I'm not trying it....

I'll still grow it though!
I would try it haha how are you going to know otherwise.

However that cinder in the box I got from you still is the hottest pod this season.

A few close contenders but nothing passed it

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