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pics Mustard King Naga !! Unexpected !!

Hi Guy's

I'm now pretty certain the sole Black king Naga plant I kept is infact a Mustard king Naga 😊 😎

And I must say I'm delighted :dance: as its completely unexpected ðŸĪŠ It did say that my Black king Naga seeds could well produce red pod's but I never expected "mustard"

3 pod's have ripened from lighter green to this and stopped now well over a week ! There's still loads of pod's on the plant yet to ripen.......my fault.....I moved it from soil to kratky a bit too late and it went mental growing more branches and leaves and flower's.....lesson learnt start your kratky set up earlier :thumbsup: hey every days a school day ! the day you stop learning is the day they nail down the lid 😉


3 plump Mustard king Naga............the colour is growing on me by the minute 😁 I think I shall be saving alot of seeds, interesting to see how they taste and the heat level ðŸĪ”