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My attempt at beating the world record


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My next attempt will be trying to eat at least 8 (49 grams) of Butch T's, I only have the Butch T Mississippi strain (much hotter than the regular Butch T). This next attempt will be late this week or early next week.
Seeing that Butch is from Mississippi, the Butch T from that state are the regular Butch T, since he is the creator.What other "strains" are there?
Butch now calls his home-grown pods "Mississippi strain" because there are now lots of BT fakes going around and he wants to see how much hotter his are than what people have recently been reviewing on You-tube as having a "great flavor" :(
I prefer to use the term "original Butch T scorpion" for any true Butch T seeds but I still recommend getting pods/seeds right from the source in Mississippi