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My carolina's reaper plants difficulties...

Soil is good, I believe it is some kind of peat moss product, pretty standard for all kinds of vegetables. Those clay growing stones are mostly used in hydroponics but you could mix 1/4 in your soil for better drainage if you wish. Don't use too much if they are big.
Ok thanks, i'll do that with the ones I'll pot later. But for now, what should I do with the new seeds I've planted ?
Also, I've found some shops that sell marijuana products in Geneva. I had not thought as I don't smoke. Here, it's legal...
Anyway, I have a short budget of 200$. 1$ = 1 CHF. What you guys would buy in this shop for better production and plant care  ? :)
You can also check on this french website... It's not to far away from my place.
Both websites are in english ;)
thanks a lot
This is what I think should be great for me, as I could grow little plants befor putting them into the garden :)
Tell me what you guys think about it.