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My first fresh pepper hot sauce!

Hello again!
I went through with my first fresh pepper hot sauce. I had previously made one from a kit but it was dried peppers and was kind of a mess. This one turned out a lot better.  I have an album of pictures here.
I used a recipe from Salsa lady
​4 habaneros
1 medium carrot, peeled/shredded
​1 Tbsp garlic cloves
1 Tbsp onion
​1 cup orange pieces, no pith or seeds
1/2-1c pineapple juice (to desired consistency)
​1/4c vinegar
​pinch of salt
maybe a dash of sugar if needed
Simmer, blitz the snot out of it with a food processor or blender.  4 habs in that amount of sauce will make it fairly spicy.
Except I needed to use 5.5 habaneros because the ones I bought really weren't spicy. I sliced off a piece to try and it was less than some jalapenos that I have had. I am going to have to find a better source for fresh hot peppers (other than my local grocery store). I also had an issue with the consistency. My blender must suck because I wasn't able to get it as fine as I wanted. There was a fair amount of pulp left from the oranges. I tried using a mesh sifter, but all that came out was pure liquid. Not really a sauce. I was worried that the "sauce" would dump out a bottle every time I tried to use it so I went ahead and added the pulp back in. At this point I probably should have tried re-blending it, but I went for tossing it in the pan. I heated it up and bottled 3 different bottles during different times for a different thickness of the sauce. I really enjoyed this sauce but next time I would probably use less oranges. I think I may have included too many small pieces of piths, or just too many oranges altogether. Secondly, I need to find some spicier habs, or a place to find better peppers altogether. I tried my local farmers market but they only had bell and anahiem.
Thanks everyone who offered advice! I greatly appreciate all the help.


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Good work Stabz!  Might want to check out a food mill for straining your sauces, it will work better than the mesh strainer.  More than anything just keep at it w the sauce making.  You will be amazed how much better your stuff will get as you grow in learning and experience; new peppers, new sauce ingredients, etc etc.  You can also use a site like tinypic to host your photos for free, which makes it easy to post them in your content over here.  
Would using super hots cause an issue for the food processor?  I.e. making the sourkraut made afterwards (weeks later) hot as hell?  Just wonder if the pepper capsicum would bind to the plastic in the ghetto food processor I have?  Dicing peppers just isn't the same.