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My grow log is stupid

Been growing peppers off and on -depending where I live for maybe like thirteen years. Did a bit of vocational horticulture school, but I screwed off more than anything so I really don't remember a lot of it. Right now I'm growing in closets and my garage under lights, in containers and in the ground outside, and getting ready to start up my various hydro systems.

I'm kind of an undisciplined grower. Kind of lazy sometimes. If I was more on it, I'm sure my production would be better. I spend a lot of $ and time amending soil, messing around with fertilizers and such but am easily sidetracked and I don't always do things the right way. Sometimes my gardening sessions rapidly deteriorate into drinking beer outside and killing the squirrels that like to mess around with my plants.

Anyway, I like checking these out and know others do and appreciate any future input on the bs I will later post. I think this sums up my garden-

This is a orange hab I planted last year. It was one of those "extra" plants you don't have room for. So I stuck it in the crappy unamended dirt outside my backdoor right next to a massive spanish dagger plant. Threw a bit of mulch around it, but no fertilizer. It ended up producing all winter and just picked some a couple days ago when I pruned it.
Here's my garage set up. It's on my workbench and surrounded by a bunch of crap. One 4 ft and a 2 ft shoplight. Each has one cheap grow light and a cool white.


I also have a really ghetto setup in a closet with one cool white tube and a heat mat. I never moniter the temperature. It's San Diego! It's pretty much always 60-80 on the coast.

Those seedlings look great. Growing peppers can be a gradual passion. Looks like you're getting hooked to me. :-)
Nothing to be ashamed of there...plants look great!

I noticed the watering can in the far right of one of your photos. My wife bought me that same watering can and it was the biggest pos...it comes apart at the bottom. Evidently the plastic on mine was warped and every time that I'd fill the can up, it leaked. Drove me nuts!!!!
Nice setup! I'm not too far from you in the OC just a few miles from the coast. I wasn't sure if I could leave the plants in the ground all year long and it looks like it's not going to be a problem. Did you happen to add anything to the dirt or did you just plant it and leave it alone? I have a large bed to work with, but not sure what to do first to prepare the soil. I do have about 3-4" of space if I need to add a top soil or anything else.
Thanks guys. Some of the seedlings are doing pretty good. I have a few aphids I got to get on though. Peteypepper- my wife got me that can too. Wtf why would someone make them with a removable bottom? The more parts you add to something the more things there are to break lol.

Lght- that hab in the ground was just put in crappy regular old soil and left alone. But I would say amend. There's many so different schools of thought on how to properly amend so cal soil and I'm still experimenting myself- but a couple things I think I know is that our soils are poor in nitrogen and have a ton of potassium in them already. And calcium. I live a top a coastal canyon where the soil type is called "poway conglomerate" which seems to be a calcified clay-like high Ph soil where many nutrients are ionically bound up and unavailable to many plants. Mulching is good- especially in regards to water conservation, one downfall is it gives pests an extra place to hide. And the water we receive down here is alkaline, which only compounds the problem of our alkaline soils. Whatever I use, and I'll post some of what I do as soon as I get a chance- I try and keep what is my take on the nutrients in mind.
You got some good looking plants growing bro. Can you imagine what they would be like if you focused on them? Can't blame ya though, I'm pretty much the same way. Good huntin' on the tree rats.
boutros said:
I also have a really ghetto setup in a closet with one cool white tube and a heat mat. I never moniter the temperature. It's San Diego! It's pretty much always 60-80 on the coast.

You think that's ghetto? Bro i'm rocking $6 clamp lights with unfolded Priority Mail boxes (sent to me free by the USPS btw) covered in aluminum foil. Aside from the heat mat, it doesn't get too much more ghetto than we do in Dirty Jersey. :lol:
Thanks Patrick, good hunting is right. They're thick around here. They've taken unprotected hab plants down to stems before, so some of my stuff is caged in chicken wire.

Good to hear the indoor light setup's not too ghetto, but it sure looks like a wreak in person.

And yeah, that's mint aka fake dip lol- using the cans as shims for plants or varying heights. I love real dip, but really don't want to have part of my face hacked off someday. Mint just ain't the same though.

Here's a random ordered list of plants going right now- Hungarian Hot Wax, Early Jalepeno, Red Savina, Fish (cross), Cascabel, Carribbean Red, Caribe, Peruvian Chinense, Red Scotch Bonnet, Habenero Arbol, Orange Hab, Chocolate Hab, Orange Fatalli, Seven Pod, Aji Limon, Orange and Yellow Rocoto and Manzano, Orange Thai, Vietmanese, Santaka, Fresno, Anaheim, Calafornia, Cayenne, Guajillo, Chili de Arbol Red and Black, Puya, White Bullet, Black Pearl, Serrano, Serrano Tampiqueno, Nu Mex Joe E Parker, Nu Mex Sunset, Sunrise, Eclipse Mix, Cubanelle, Sweet Nine, some Bell Mix and a mystery pepper plant that'll be going hydro soon. Still have others to germinate but may not this year.


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It's not a stupid grow log (and belive me, we've seen stooopid grow logs before ;) ). Things are growing good for you, keep up the good work.
imaguitargod said:
It's not a stupid grow log (and belive me, we've seen stooopid grow logs before ;) ). Things are growing good for you, keep up the good work.

Ya, you've got a good grow log going and your plants all look like they are growing nicely, that's a plus.
Thanks for the encouragement. I was kinda ripped yesterday and thought "my grow log is stupid" was kinda funny. Second place was "grow log? more like crap!" anyway- it will be stupid if nothing turns out!

Lee- the plant with the dark leaves is Black Pearl.

Hope to get the hydro systems going soon, but looks like I'm going to be pretty busy this week.
Good grow log Batman!

Man it looks like you're very talented at growing. Your plants look great.
I really like the cage idea. I need to make one of those then wrap it with plastic, shade cloth, or something, at different times of the year. Squirrels and rabbits attacking my plants makes me want to kill.
This is what I use to water my plants inside. A twelve oz. styro cup with a bit of airline glued near the bottom that's lasted me 2 or more years. Of course it transfers pathogens every time, and takes 2 hands to use, but I am glad I invented it cause it helps keep the water and dirt in the containers instead of splashing uncontrollably.
Thanks, I'll have to post pics of the other cage designs later. Got to roll out for the day right now and go do taxes tonight.