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pics My hot pepper jungle

Here are some pictures of my plants. All doing very well. I'm going to have A LOT of pods.
Cayenne.JPG GP1.JPG GP2.JPG Group.JPG Reaper 2.JPG Reaper pod 2.JPG Reaper pod.JPG Serrano.JPG Sm Reaper 3.JPG Sm Reaper1.JPG Sm Reaper2.JPG Tabasco.JPG Thai Hot.JPG TS1.JPG
Here you will see all except my three small habanero plants. Which are also doing very well. From left to right there's my cayenne plant, two ghost pepper plants, a group photo of some of my super hots, a reaper plant, a nice reaper pod, another nice reaper pod, a serrano plant, my three small reapers in a row, a tabasco plant, a Thai hot, and one of my Trinidad Scorpion plants. Going to see how many of these I can overwinter for next year. :D

Uncle Eckley

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Containers on a deck is my favorite. :dance:

Whatcha gonna do with 'em all?
Probably try to make some hot sauces and other recipes with some of them. Dry a bunch, eat a few whole maybe. Keep most/all of the seeds for next season. I'm planning on starting a small side business growing peppers and selling small plants to people too, so I think this is a good start. If any of you guys want some seeds I'm going to have a ton.


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Lovely grow nice to see so many healthy plants on your decking and nice to some Serrano's and Thai.🙂