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My milestone 100 post

So over the years I really have only been on a small handful of discussion boards and in that time as a member I have never reached the 100 post count. I did run a small forum for a guild that I ran but the act was shared by the other leadership members (p99 everquest) and the post count was high but it was not my own.
Anyways in celebration of this momentous accomplishment ( said with tongue and cheek) I will be doing a "mystery seed" giveaway. About a month ago I purchased a bunch of seeds from Aliexpress for this giveaway (link below for seeds).  Since they are coming from Asia is probably a good chance they may not be what was purchased hence the name of the giveaway. The seeds have not yet arrived but when they do I will set up a thread for this giveaway, if anyone is interested for that matter to grow mystery seeds.
Just so no one jumps on me I bought these seeds for shxts and giggles if even 1 type grows true then all is good...If I am stuck with a pile of cayenne or bell peppers then that is great as well. I bought a ton of stuff from Garth and Negroni peppers for the 2019 grow so far as legit chillis go.
So first link had the names of the peppers as well the picture - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lowest-Price-100seeds-Pack-16-Kinds-to-choose-Hot-chilli-Pepper-capsicum-Vegetable-Seeds-Happy-Farm/32702334857.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.66bb4c4dKwKroz
I bought 1 of each kind
SO the second link I think is wrong..I would assume it ment 100 seeds not 1000 but who knows..also they do not have any names with the pictures - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000-pcs-bag-Hot-Chili-Bonsai-Carolina-Reaper-Organic-Bonsai-Vegetable-Rainbow-Bell-Ghost-Pepper-Bonsai/32908348527.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.66bb4c4dKwKroz
SO I purchased #'s 7,9,10,11,13 to 18, 20 and finally 21
Even with my noobness I am pretty sure of a couple of them but if any of you folks could put a name to the number it would be greatly appreciated.
Whenever they arrive or IF they arrive I will send some out if anyone wants to try any of the above types. Again this would be just for fun do not hold your breath and hope they will grow true.
Matts Next Milestone- The  500 post count....maybe some day.
Have a great day everyone!!
I had ment to thank you folks but was ill for the better part of 2 weeks in November and just had a crazy month overall.
Anywyas as of today the seeds still have not yet arrived but I am not surprised as the Canada Post strike really backed up a crap load of international parcels and alot of the times it would take at least a month and a half when things were running as per the norm. I just started getting items the past week I had ordered mid September from Ebay so hopefully the next week or two these seeds packs show up.
dragonsfire said:
Awesome! COngrats :)
WOuld love to try some :)

And aabsolutely Dragon..it will be easy and cheap to send to my fellow country men/persons. It might get abit dicey dependinghow many others are interested if any for that matter but will cross that bridge when it arrives.
I do hope they arrive soonish so I can get them sent out to peps by the first week of jan at the latest for anything international if need be.
Well bugger..I was gonna ask if anyone could put a name to the number on the second link but both pages are gone now.. Aliexpress going to make me work and put pics over here I spose.
Its a new week hopefully the seeds arrive. :pray:

Seeds have finally arrived!! So I spose it was not a typo and fat stack of each seed arrived for that particular lot (1000 per bag). Now since these did not have names beside them on the order list and the pictures on the site are down they included a paper version which I think is even harder to distinguish what they are. I included them in the pics.

Lot 2 did have names which I will include in a post under this as it will tkae me a abit to match them up. Will get around to that later today when I have more time to do so. 100 seeds per type in these bags.
SpeakPolish said:
The hell? 1k seeds, I get 10 for 5 dollars

Who knows if they are what they say they are though...Aliexpres and Ebay can be really bad for that so its a shot in the dark. I can say though that when I opened the bags my eyes burned and the smell was crazy strong of spice....So they are something with some type of heat at worst anywyas.
I think it was about $8 cdn per order give or take abit, so was worth buying them even if I was stuck with a crap load of bells
SO at some point today or tomorrow I will start another thread and see what kind of interest there is for anyone who would like to try and grow some of these. I am not the richest man in the world so if it is abit more then I can handle it may come down to some paying fo rpostage to your country and may choose as many types as they want. But again will see who would like any first before it comes to that (excluding Canadians I can get them sent out asap)
Think it might be fun to do a community type glog for these things and see what grows and how anyone does who partakes.
CDNmatt said:
Lot 2 did have names which I will include in a post under this as it will tkae me a abit to match them up. Will get around to that later today when I have more time to do so. 100 seeds per type in these bags.

Ok so lot 1 only had the number with the pics so people would have to kinda go off of that sadly..but lot 2 had some names on my order page via Aliexp so here it is...was also 15 - 21 pics that I forgot just an FYI)
1. Naga Serpant
2. Sweet Banana
3. Carolina Reaper
4. Bhut Jolokia
5. White Bhut Jolokia
6. Peter Pepper
7. Yellow Habanero
9. Scotch Bonnet
10. Trinidad Moruga Scor
11. Ye Trinidad Scorpion
12. White Habanero
13. Chocolate Habanero
14. Mixed
15. Red 7 pot
16.Habanero Red
18-21 are just a few types of bells and sweet peppers.
These have a better chance of being true but I still would not hold my breath on it..if even one does then fantastic. I am gonna take my little guy outside to play for a few mins then will come back and toss this onto the forum ads and see if anyone wants to try these bad boys.