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plant My Mustard Naga........ Mutation ? or cross ?

Hi Guy's

I would really appreciate your views / Opinions on my "Mustard Naga" I grew in 2023.......

I ordered seeds for Black king Naga from a UK chilli seed website ended up keeping a single strong seedling as was short of space .

As the pod's started to ripen and changed colour they stopped at a lovely mustard green which I thought was pretty cool 😎

I found the pod's to be of good size, very hot good flavour and thicker walled than other Naga's I've grown.

I believe the Black Naga is a natural mutation of the red king naga and mustard is a natural mutation of Black/ chocolate pod's....correct ?

I kept seeds from this plant as it was of interest and promise, however looking at the pod's I'm not sure if its simply a mutation or if it's a possible cross ? 🤔

I've just germinated a few seeds going to keep a couple in mini kratky set up to force them to fruit real quick and I'm going give one to a friend to grow on in her greenhouse next year :thumbsup: but I'm an inpatient bugger 😉


A selection of pod's from my Mustard Naga...............


More pod's..........


My Mustard Naga pod split............the walls seem pretty thick


Mid season I converted it to Kratky hydroponics which in hind sight was a mistake as it went crazy putting out fresh foliage............:banghead: However it have a huge amount of flowers !


I love the colour of the ripe pod's 🥰

What do you guy's think ? Go on honest opinion ?

Having still not grown Black Naga I don't know how the compare ? Either way I will grow a few out from this plant as it shows interesting traits.

Any uk growers how fancy a few seed's pm me, no charge, stamp addressed envelope and you can have a few to play with :thumbsup:
Never grown this one but the shape seems a little different than other ghosts I have grown. Not sure but some of your pods seem to exhibit scorpion-like traits too. These walls also seem thicker than usual but it's a good thing IMO! If you like them, keep growing them and try to select based on the traits you'd like to stabilize!

For reference, here is a photo of mustard Bhut Jolokia that I found in my files (the pod walls are much thinner!):
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