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My obsession with heat and food...JoynersHotPeppers

I have been a long time lurker and finally joined. I figured I'd start posting some of the things I cook or make with the peppers I grow.

First up

This is a Thai Cucumber salad I make with a rare Japanese cucumber I grow, peppers and cilantro are mine as well. I'll take better pictures with the next batch. I have enough stuff right now to do about 10 more 32oz jars.


A picture of the cucumber plants


Twins, both rubbed down with 2 different rubs and contain my 15 pepper blend.


Lobster roll with previous nights lobster leftovers. Contains one of my pepper blends.


Homemade lump crab cakes with black bean corn salsa I threw together. Cake have my tri-thai blend and 15 blend in the salsa.


Sausage and Peppers, Joyner style.



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a) every single item appeals to me here
b) every single picture appeals to me here, and <3 the "twins" shot
c) thai cucumber salad looks killer
d) i love twitter
Wow those all look deeelicious!! Good stuff! I just planted some cukes today too first time and looking forward to making some great dishes as well.
Hi Chris, Nice to meet a kindred spirit. Stay green my friend... I'll be checking back in here for sure. Cheers

Thanks everyone, I love to grow, cook, take photos and surf the world. Everyone should start their morning with a slab of beef so I pulled this from my website.


Ribeye Roast - 15 Pepper Blend

We love to practice what we preach and of course use our own product. As we create new, enhance or substitute our pepper powders for ingredients, we would like to share pictures and brief descriptions on which powder we used.

This was a Christmas roast prepared in the oven using a dry rub. The meat was seasoned with the 15 pepper blend, garlic powder, fresh cracked black pepper and kosher salt.
Not cooked yet but this is what's for dinner tonight!

Chimichurri Flank Steak tacos with my Tri-Thai blend and some fresh pico de gallo with tomatoes and peppers from the garden!


Went with a salsa instead using our Roma Tomatoes, Earl Japs and Cilantro.

All your dishes look amazing! What is that shrimp dish?

Also, do you have any recipes for your food?
Tonight going the easy route, Caribbean Red, Baby Bella meat sauce over angle hair pasta. Hopefully I can manage a picture before hunger wins the battle!


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Here she is, tonight's dinner...


This post is raising the bar ...

I hereby promise to use pull out the 90mm tilt-shift and shoot my more involved meals on something better than the iPhone going forward ...

Nice rock, too ... Lapidus Gold (well, here it's called that ... different regions use different names) ...