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hot-sauce My quick opinion on a few hot sauces

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to the world of hot sauce but I've tried a few brands in the last couple years. I usually like it pretty hot. I have no affiliation with these guys but I usually buy from there in Canada:

Here's a quick reviews of the ones I liked (in order of preference):

1- El Yucateko Kutbil-Ik (Mexico)

From what I read on the forum, it seems like El Yucateco is a pretty common brand but still, I love the taste of the Kutbil-Ik. It is hot but also really flavorish (I assume a lot of spices are added to the sauce). So commercial or not, I love the Kubtil-Ik sauce!

2- Melinda's Original Habanero Extra Hot Sauce (Costa Rica)

I don't know if it's because of the carrots but this one has a distinctive taste that I really like. Pretty hot but delicious sauce.

3- Walkerswood Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce (Jamaica)

I bought this sauce while on a business trip in Kingston, Jamaica a couple years ago and really loved it. Really hot but good stuff!

4- Orange Krush Hot Sauce (USA?)

This was a decent sauce. Lot of seasoning and pretty hot.

5- 357 Mad Dog Extreme Mustard Sauce (USA)

I'm not even sure if this is hot sauce or mustard (I'd say a bit of both) but this is ridiculously hot! I loved it with sausage or ham.

6- Hot Sauce From Hell Devil's Revenge (USA?)
Probably one of the first sauces I've bought. From what I remember, not bad but not that tasty either. Reminded me a bit of Tabasco sauce.

7- Dave's Hurtin Habanero Sauce (USA)

Frankly, I didn't like this sauce much. Other than being extra hot, it convinced me that I don't like sauces containing pepper extract.

That's it for my quick reviews. Please don't be too rude, I am a novice!
Several good ones on your list. I like Melinda's and El Yuketeco of the ones I've had. I've not had the Walkerswood, but this is the 2nd time I've seen it mentioned in the last couple of weeks and it sounds great!

Nice mini-review.
I just bought the Melinda's Melinda’s Original Habanero Extra Hot Sauce a few weeks ago and am loving it. My absolute favorite chipotle sauce is the one by El Yucateko, who also has a great jalapeno sauce.