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issue Mystery illness/Deficiency

This Chocolate Scorpion plant began showing white outside of the leaf veins, on all new growth, about a month ago. My initial attempt at amendment was with iron and have since tried to get back to a higher nitrogen fertilizer that I used at the onset. This plant has a sister that has received the same treatment but doesn't have this issue. The other plant is also significantly smaller which is interesting. Growth has continued and there are currently blossoms all over it, at this stage some of the leaves are almost completely white. Havent been able to locate this particular issue anywhere as of yet, please help!
Hey buddy, not seen this before tbh. I do believe the Veinal Chlorosis is due to an extreme prolonged copper deficiency. New leaves would suggest its a micronutrient issue, which seems to check with copper. I am going to take a flier here, but I am thinking you may have overdone it with the Nitrogen. Excessive nitrogen can inhibit the uptake and mobility of copper. Check your soil pH as a first port of call. If your soil is overly alkaline, you will want to bring the pH down. You want to bring the pH within acceptable range. Adding brown mulch to your soil can help reduce nitrogen. For a quick fix a copper sulphate foliar spray can help in the interim. But I do believe you need to correct pH and bring down Nitrogen. Others here may disagree, but maybe do some reading up on Copper deficiency and causes and remedies.
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Thank you for the input and explanation! I've definitely been overlooking soil PH/ taking it for granted so ill certainly be measuring that going forward. They particular nitrogen fertilizer I was using in the first half of its life was quite strong so the idea of locking out nutrients would make sense. Always strange to see different reactions between plants when they're receiving almost identical treatment.