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hot-sauce Mystery sauce from Puerto Rico


From a female detective colleague, I was recently given a small portion of hot sauce to try. She had been to Puerto Rico and claimed she had found something amazing. She is a big fan of my stuff (greatly appreciated) and took great pains to explain that her desire for me to try it was not in anyway disrespectful to my endeavors. No problem with me, I'm always glad to try something new. She gave me perhaps 1/3 of the bottle in a small tupperware type container. It was light green and milky looking.  Sat on it a while before trying it. But when I did, whoa!! Totally outside my box of normalcy. I will say that the sauce ranks now amongst my personal top ten. Different in almost every regard, but certainly stands out. Different to my palate and norms, but oh man! It is really good!
When I told her of my thoughts, she said she'd emptied her only bottle and asked if I might be able to acquire some. She took a pic of the bottle before discarding. So here is my plight. Does anyone know where I (or she) might acquire this amazing sauce? Sorry, the empty bottle does no justice to the previous contents. It's all I've got to go on.
Thanks in advance.
The Hot Pepper said:
Yeah and what kind of detective can't use google.. :lol:
I can, I do and I did.
Was hoping to stoke conversation and perhaps someone might say they could get some from a local "neighborhood market" somewhere. There is a flea market here that sells lots of Mexican and South American fare. I've googled a bunch of it to no end. Many do not have an internet presence. Doesn't discount the quality of the goods I hasten to add.
Here's a distributor in New Jersey that has it:
We are proud to announce the launch of the best, unique and totally gourmet and natural hot sauce ever made in Puerto Rico. BORIN – THAI"
I will have to try this sauce once it is in stock. always looking for new sauces to try. you talk it up so much that it is now on the 'must try' list for me.
How is the heat with this sauce?  I almost ordered a few of their products just based on your enthusiasm for the stuff.  I didnt have my card on me at the time and didnt see a pay pal option so..........maybe later.