favorite Naga list .......your Favourites ?

Hi Guy's

Im trying to put a Naga list together, wondering what your favourite Naga variety/strain ? That I could add to the list ?

I'm not really interested in hybrids and crosses such as Naga viper, Yellow naga, Monster Naga and the like more interested varieties or more likely strains. Also interested in the differences given most will be closely related.


Naga morich - original Bangladesh, North East India.

Dorset naga - a strain developed my seaspring seeds in Dorset uk by selection.

Bengle naga - a off type found in a greenhouse of Bhut jolokia at seaspring seeds.

King naga/Raji naga - Nagaland India.

Black naga - a natural variation of the King naga.

Mustard naga - a refinning chillies a variation found and selected in crop of black naga.

Burmese naga - seeds collected in a market in Mandalay Burma by Grant Hustler apparently hotter than the Dorset naga.

Myanmar naga - Seems unclear whether this is the same as the Burmese ??

Chinese naga / Shubu shubu - a milder strain from China

Dorset naga orange - again apparently a variation in Dorset naga crop at semillas la palma

Improved naga - selection of baga morich by Gerald Fowler

Giant black naga SLP - a large variation found by semillas la palma in a crop of black naga

Bengle naga peach - apparently a variation of Bengle Naga from USA

Fatalii gourmet naga - a selection of naga morich by jukka in Finland, seems to have disappeared ?

Opinions, veiws, additional information most welcome .......👍