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recipe Nagaland inspired Pork belly Recipe

Hi Guy's

I normally make Indian style curries Goen pork Vindaloo, Warli Mutton, King Prawn tikka masala, Bengali home style beef, Northern indian Chicken korma you know traditional Indian style onions fried till brown, tomatoes sometimes yogurt, lots of fresh ground toasted spices etc.

However recently I've been looking for recipes to use my 2022 frozen Dorset and Bengle Naga's .........:think: this intern lead me to Nagaland recipes...... Wow ! These guys eat anything walks, crawls, slithers, flys, hops as a hunter by nature I feel a kinship with Nagaland people but even I would draw a line at some of the stuff they eat 😲đŸ¤ĸđŸ¤Ŗ

I've become obsessed with this recipe that I developed using traditional Naga videos from you tube

Lots if Pork belly skin,fat,meat, 2lb
3 tomatoes
Two tins of Bamboo shoots
1.5 tsp salt
1 tbsp szechuan corns (toasted)
1 tbsp of Kashmiri chilli powder
1" of fresh ginger
Head of garlic
1-3 Naga chillies ground to paste with the salt

1. Fry pork belly in dry pan 5 mins
2. Add splash of water cover 20 mins
3.Add Naga paste/salt
4.cook 20 mins
5. Add diced tomatoes low heat 15 mins
6. Add garlic/ ginger paste + szechuan pepper 5 mins
7. Add Kashmiri chilli powder
8.Add Bamhoo shoots simmer uncovered...........10 -20 mins to reduce

Serve with rice .........

Honestly I'm addicted to this recipe 😋

Let me know if you try this recipe the flavours are fantastic lots of garlic and the szechuan pepper 😋I've a 2 year old szechuan pepper tree in my garden but it hasn't fruited yet ☚ī¸hopefully this year :dance:

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