misc Name suggestions!!!

We have two new products debuting at the end of the month and still tossing around names.

First item is a Jolokia based traditional jerk sauce/paste. This a a traditional Jamaican jerk sauce with the addition of fresh bhut jolokia peppers to the mix, this is not going to have a hot sauce consistancy. As if that has much to do with the name...

The second is another bhut jolokia hot sauce after the huge success of our 98 Octane ghost pepper reserve. This time we are doubling the amount of jolokia and cooking the sauce further to intensify the outcome with a few other goodies thrown in for fun. So basically a jolokia reduction with extreme heat minus the extracts.

No name has really come to mind for the jerk sauce as of yet. Its playful name is Jerk-lokia. The reduction hot sauce has a thought of "Intimidation", but willing to take thoughts on either product.
Very cool Chad. Really great meeting you in DE and looking forward to trying the Jerk when you get it the way you like it. I have been eating your smokey mustard sauce all week.
JayT said:
I have been eating your smokey mustard sauce all week.

I love the that stuff, Luck Dog Smokey Hab Mustard goes on everything , Ive used it on pasta, shrimp, chicken , hot dogs, burgers, brats, fries and more lol I think you might need to start selling that stuff by the gallon Chad :D
"Kiss Me neck"... is a fun phrase we Jamaican's use all the time, it means "Wow!" or "Oh my God"...

If your sauces are ramping up the scovilles, "Jancrow Batty" is a form super strong overproof Rum...