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Nature vs. Nurture / Grower vs. Developer

I grow super hot peppers.  I grow lettuce.  I grow about everything between, although not all at once.  Each year, I grow something new because I love to grow things.  Anything really.  This year, growing a bunch of gords because my kids have become fascinated with them.  So obviously, I am slanted towards the nurture / grower side of this question.  But I do recognize it is a partnership: Nature and Nurture that creates the best produce.  So here is the question?

Does it seem there is a focus on nature more than nurture when it comes to super hots?

Example: The Guinness Book of World records lists the person (nurture / grower) who produced the largest pumpkin ever.  As I recall, it did not even mention the type of seed (nature / developer) used.  But when it comes to the hottest pepper in the world category, it has consistently listed the pepper type and its developer.
I guess I just wanted to post a Hats Off sort of thing to all you growers out there, but also wondering if anyone else has noticed the focus being on the specific pepper rather than the grower. 

If none of this makes sense, blame the sun.  A week of overcast and then today's clear sky has me longing for yesterday.