raised-bed Need cool ideas for raised beds!

Hey guys, I have a bunch of scrap lumber from my job, and im planning on building raised beds with them. I've already started on one, it's going to be octagon, about 2 foot diameter and 3 feet tall... Anyone got any other cool ideas for me?
Three feet tall will require quite a bit of soil/compost to fill. I built one on an asphalt parking lot last year and it was only 2' tall - more than enough for any plant.

Most people recommend building them 4' wide - that way you can easily reach the middle of it from one side or the other.

Personally I'm making 3x8"x8 boxes from treated plywood, filling them with pea gravel, and making them hydroponic.
Come on guys, boxes are boring! I'm thinking wierd/cool shapes! Anyone can build a rectangular box! (no offense to anyone that has of course)
Since they are raised you wont need to kneel down far,,What about a single or double row U shape, that way you can access all sides easily .
But I think to maximize space a square is ideal :cool:
If I had two acres to work with, I certainly would not worry about a raised bed, unless the ground was solid rock or a mountain cliff!

Here's how I did my raised beds. I built four 4'x8'x20" raised beds with 4"x4" corner and side posts. On one side of each bed I just left the corner posts 8ft tall for the trellis. I also put two 4' boards across the middle to prevent bowing from the heavy soil.They're working great so far. My backyard is long and narrow and the grade runs right down the middle, so I had to make the inner corner posts a bit taller so the beds would be level.





depends on how many you want to build, but build them in the shape of letters so that when you look at it from above, it spells Hot Peppers or Peppers or something...you get the idea...
Rectangles are easier to reach across.

I've got 2 4.5m x 1.5m beds (14.76 x 4.9 ft)
Then I also have around 30-40 pots
OK...I like your idea...you wanted some other ideas so I was sittin' here this morning thinking...what would I build that would be 1. Unique, 2. Functional, 3. Get the best use out of the sun...sooooo...


I know I have circles drawn, but they are easier to work with instead of Octogons...anyway...build a three level Octagon shaped planter that has rollers that rotates 360 degrees...motorize it but gear it where you get 1 rev/hour...you don't want to sling the plants out of the soil... :lol:...then on the north side build a cantilevered platform where you can access the plants at each level...you don't have to do anything...just get on the platform (and for comfort's sake, you could even build a chair/bench to work from when you need to fool with the plants...

Is that original enough for you?

I will build and install one of these in your own back yard for the small fee of $10K plus travel expenses...I don't travel cheap... ;)

But Wait, if you buy now, you can have two of these items for 3 low monthly payments of just $6k...yep, you heard that right...three LOW monthly payments of just six thousand dollars...

Note: Taxes and Licenses and Building Permits extra as applicable...

sorry, I just couldn't resist...hope you kow I am just kidding about the building it for you...but I am dead serious about the design..
You really gain nothing from having 3 tiers than you would just having the base.
Same amount of planting space, but a whole lot more work to set it up.
You really gain nothing from having 3 tiers than you would just having the base.
Same amount of planting space, but a whole lot more work to set it up.

disagree...the height difference of the tiers will assure each plant gets its own unimpeded view of the sun...you don't have to worry about one plant shading the other..
How much does your travel cost to the UK and how soon can you be on a plane?

Ohhh ... and can you bring some of your powders and sauces whilst you're at it, may as well save myself some postage :D

way much...that's out there across that big pond in east Texas somewhere isn't it?... :lol: