New here

Hello, been growing peppers for about 4 years, growing in general for 15+
Usually looking for better ideas or techniques that. What I currently use.
I'm currently starting seeds indoor in a 4x8 gorilla grow tent with CFL bulbs and a T5 fixture.

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well, i used an app to get in and out of forums originally, the app was problematic so I dumped it and later tried to log in through the browser. now ill admit im not super tech savy but I can manage. this is the first time I have been logged in and able to post since my initial sign up! seriously the security on the forum is insane and maybe faulty?  on my phone i was never able to get logged in or change my password this entire time I have been receiving ALL the email notifications you get with the default set up and have been unable to stop them without being able to log in. i emailed somebody from THP and basically was told sorry your on your own. wtf i just got an all in one pc for at home was able to get past the CIA style security to get a password reset, of course now I cant change it for the same reason i couldn't get in, no matter what i do my email is invalid or the password is wrong or some crazy red flag! THE IMPORTANT THING IS I have my notification settings set so I dont get 5 emails a day and I can actually use the site.  i just pray im able to log in again. so yeah second post since February!   im back!  :doh: