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Hey ya all. Old farmer trying new ideas. Raised alot of peppers over the years(Born in 1960). Back in the day we didn,t have acess to all the peppers of today. With new comes new ways for sucess. Raise Texas Bird Peppers last year-had a blast. This year I'm adding Cobincho Peppers. Heard they might be somewhat hard to start. Got a loaded ? about soil. Is peat pellets bad for starting peppers and if so what kind of Miracle Gro soil would be best to start them in. Maybe this ain't the place to ask this but I'm new to this so feel free to let me know what I'm doing wrong. Also I wanted to say I love how your site is set up. There's enough stuff for everyone to enjoy and I looking forward to being here. Please let me know if you can help an old man out here. The internet is still a scary place for me not the garden.:)
:welcome: from MN! Lots of people use Jiffy pellets and like them and some people hate them. Most people here use a seed starting mix. I'm doing both this year and so far they are both working good. I find if you remove about 20% of the peat and "fluff" it up to fill the netting it's a little better. Otherwise they are a bit too dense for my liking. Look in the "growing hot pepper" forum for more answers on this and to post similar questions. Also, if you use the search option in the top right of the page you will find pages and pages of info on already posted topics. Good luck this year! You definately came to the right place! :cheers:
:welcome: I haven't used peat pellets before so others can chime in on that, there seems to be mixed opinion on those.

Most here aren't too fond of Miracle Grow products, if you use MG you should definitely go with the seed starting mix so you don't burn your seedlings with too many fertilizers, and it is finer too. I haven't used the MG seed starting mix, so I can't say how well it works. I use pro-mix with good results, most people here seem to use pro mix, fox farm, or their own homemade potting mix. There is a stickied thread in the growing forum with a ton of information about potting soil.

If you can keep the soil around ~85-86 Fahrenheit you should see quicker germination times. A lot of people use the plastic bag/paper towel method for germinating seeds. I use mini greenhouses with heating mats and a thermostat. Soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours before I put them in the potting soil seems to help as well. There are a lot different ways to germinate seeds, if you do a search you should find a lot of good threads about germination.

Also, there is some more information on the cobincho at these links:

Good luck! There are a lot of great varieties to grow, if you are interested in adding other varieties let us know and I'm sure we can help you find some seeds.
Thankyou for the info. I just might try the Pro Mix. Still waiting on my seeds from Tradewinds now. A tip I found out a while back is starting a early one like Jajapeno,Early along with your other peppers-if theres a problem with the starting process you'll know early and can salavage or scrap and start again. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you all I was hen pecking my profile down.
Welcome to THP. As others have mentioned, it can be a personal choice as to which works best for you. It'[s all good my friend.


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Welcome from up the road in Topeka. What seems to be a popular starting/potting mix is a home made concoction of 1/3 sphagnum peat, 1/3 perlight and 1/3 vermiculite. I haven't used it, though. I typically use jiffy seed starting mix, then pot up to regular miracle grow with pretty decent results. I used to use the peat pellets, but noticed a lot of damping off with them. Make sure you don't over water with them, and make sure you remove the netting when you pot up. They say it biodegrades, but I've seen evidence to the contrary. Welcome again, and happy chile growing!
Welcome from MN! This is a great site with a lot of friendly people willing to help out. You came to the right place.
:welcome: from Missouri! I know Tigers and Jayhawks aren't suppose to speak, but I have family in KS and we both love hot peppers so I feel the border war takes a back seat to that. :)

Besides.......I'm a Canes fan
...Also I wanted to say I love how your site is set up. There's enough stuff for everyone to enjoy and I looking forward to being here...
Well said, I totally agree. I enjoy this "next level of gardening" where you can start your own plants from seeds indoors and also 'overwinter' plants that normally just die out there in the cold. Great resources here to pull it all together.

Sooooo...Welcome from Idaho, though I'm former Wichitan. I remember playing little league in scorching humidity in August. And the cottonwood tree out back grew with a distinct lean to the north as there was seemingly always steady wind out of the south. Should be great for peppers! :cool: