New Podcast on Hot Sauce, Chile Peppers and BBQ

The li'l YouTube I tried to keep afloat for the past couple of years is now leaner, meaner and ready to rock the fiery foods world...

I'm talking about The Weekly Firecast! It is now a downloadable audio podcast, which is perfect for listening to in your car, during your workout, while you're gardening, or just sitting in front of the computer and need something cool to listen to!

I'm going to focus on the subject matter that chileheads and foodies love and crave: chile peppers, hot sauce, BBQ, buffalo wings, salsa, chili con carne and more!

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Here are the first two episodes so far:

Episode 001 - Interview with John "CaJohn" Hard of CaJohn's Fiery Foods
Scott speaks with none other than "The Godfather" of hot sauces, John "CaJohn" Hard! CaJohn chats extensively about his history, his fiery products, what it takes to create new flavors, and the chile pepper heat race. Scott also reviews Hellfire Hot Sauce's Blueberry Hell Hot Sauce.

Episode 002 - Interview with Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles
An in-depth discussion with chile pepper grower and seller Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles. He talks about how novices can grow their own super-hot chile peppers in their own home garden, the super-hot chile race to claim the world's hottest pepper title, why super-hots are like NFL quarterbacks, what his favorite flavors and types of chiles are, and the state of chile pepper-eating videos on YouTube.

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The latest episode is up!

Episode 003 - Double Feature Interview with Ed Currie and Pepper Joe, and Brian & Marilyn Meagher of Hot Sauce Daily

First, I speak with Brian & Marilyn Meagher of and, and discuss briefly the history of their site and podcast, what they think of hot sauce reviewing in general, and attending fiery foods events. Then I chat with Ed Currie of and Pepper Joe of about the release of the HP22B Chile Pepper AKA the Carolina Reaper Pepper, which is a contender for the Hottest Chile Pepper in the World. Plus, I review Captain Thom's Thai Monkey Sauce.

You can learn more about it on the Official Weekly Firecast page at

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Episode 004 - Interview with Neil "Bigmista" Strawder of Bigmista's Barbecue

A discussion with Neil 'Bigmista' Strawder of Bigmista's Barbecue. We talk about his BBQ roots, his favorite meats, his TV appearances on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters and CBS's The Ultimate BBQ Showdown, and he even shares some dating tips out of his book!

Plus, I review Backyard Grill's Gnarly Knucklebuster Hickory Habanero Sauce.

Episode 005 - Interview with Chef Bud Selmi of Sizzlin' Sauces, Plus Chilehead Reviewer Ryan Graub

I talk with Chef Bud Selmi of Sizzlin' Sauces about his award-winning lineup of fiery habanero products, and review seven of his hot sauces, tapenades and garlic relishes.

Later, fellow "Missouri Boyz" reviewer Ryan Graub and I chat about chile pepper growing, the chile heat race, chile flavors and the state of the hot sauce industry.

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Episode #16 - Interview with Michael Hultquist of Chili Pepper Madness

Scott speaks with Mike Hultquist of the Chili Pepper Madness sites. An experienced cook, cookbook author and writer, Mike discusses things such as how he began his websites, how he likes to use chile peppers in dishes, creating book such as Jalapeno Poppers, and also his activities outside of the foodie world. Scott also reviews Oakridge BBQ Santa Maria Steak Seasoning.

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Great guest in the most recent fiery episode!

Episode #20 - Interview with Tim Bader of Volcanic Peppers

Chile pepper grower and connoisseur Tim Bader chats with Scott and about how he started smoking and drying chile peppers for his powders, seasonings and sauces for his Volcanic Peppers line, and talks about the heat and flavor of some of the world's hottest peppers.

Plus, Scott reviews Loud Foods' Orange Sunshine Mango Habanero Sauce.

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Weekly Firecast Podcast Episode #32 – Chile Pepper Gardening and Growing with Dave DeWitt

Scott once again chats with the “Pope of Peppers”, chile pepper expert and author Dave DeWitt about growing and gardening chile peppers in North America. Scott also speaks with George and Brian Prior about their new outdoor cooking tool, the BBQ Dragon. Regular weekly guest Ken Alexander shares his sweet tooth cravings by discussing spicy desserts, and Scott reviews Captain Jim’s Sauces Molten Orange Ambrosia Pepper Sauce.

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More informative episodes!
Weekly Firecast Podcast Episode #33 - Derrick Riches of Offers Grilling and BBQ Tips and Tricks
Prepare to go to outdoor cooking school as grilling and barbecue expert Derrick Riches, administrator of one of the most trafficked BBQ websites,, chats with Scott and reveals all about the art and science of grilling and smoking, and covers everything from how to purchase the best grills and hardware to how to properly cook many types of meat. Regular contributor Ken Alexander gives tips on how to travel with hot sauce and seasonings in order to eat heat on the road. Scott gives a so-simple-it’s-ridiculous tip on how to detect a grill’s temperature using only your hand, and also reviews Gator Hammock Gator Hot Sauce.
Weekly Firecast Podcast Episode #34 - Adam Fehr of Endorphin Farms Talks About Co-Packing Sauces
Adam Fehr, general manager of Florida-based co-packing company Endorphin Farms, answers questions about using a co-packer and when a young hot sauce or BBQ sauce maker should use a third-party company to bottle their products. Weekly guest Ken Alexander lists what he thinks are the top best hot sauces for beginners, and Scott offers a fiendishly tricky suggestion for his Foodie Tip of the Week.
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Weekly Firecast Episode #48 -  Interview with Chile Pepper Growers Ed Currie and Jim Duffy
It's another white-hot episode, with a pair of growers of the stingingest chile peppers on the planet! This time out, it's a joint interview with Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company (and new holder of the Guinness World Record for Hottest Chilli for his Carolina Reaper pepper) and Jim Duffy of Refining Fire Chiles, as they respond to a recent article on chile peppers put out by Maxim Magazine. Also, in his regular segment, Ken Alexander recaps the end of the 2013 hot sauce festival season, and Scott reviews Madison Chocolatiers West's Gateway to Hell Spicy Caramel Sauce.
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