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Hello all,
I'm Terry. I live in Virginia and this is the first year I'm trying to grow peppers. Got some jalapenos, ghost peppers, havasu, dragon cayenne peppers, Carolina Reaper, Chocolate bhutlah, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and 7 pot seeds all either growing nicely or trying to get the seedlings to start.

I'm ex Army, serving for 6 years. Went to Iraq and now live with PTSD, anxiety and bi-polar 2 -- hence the new garden. Trying to get out of the house for a bit, before the walls start to close in too much.
I play guitar, video games, read books in pretty much all genres, love horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, action, and comic book movies. Love comics -- more of a Marvel fan than DC, though I love a good Batman comic and love Harley Quinn. I read manga and watch anime.
I have five crazy cats that keep me entertained and my mind off of my depression. I also volunteer at a local veterinarian office to help with animals after surgery.
I guess that's about all I can think of at this time. Hope everyone has a great day! 
Welcome aboard shipmate!! And THANK YOU for your service brother! :) as a disabled veteran I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your selfless service to our country. Sadly PTSD is a horror to many veterans are suffering from and not enough is being done to help. The drugs seem to be ineffective and not enough outlets for the veterans suffering from this disease to help them.
I salute you my friend and hope you can find the peace you truly deserve. Do know there are many wonderful people here veteran and civilian with the biggest hearts you'll ever find. So if you need to talk or just scream at someone know myself and many others here will have your back! :) A truth I've learned personally. Many people here have helped me through bad times.

Now on to happy thoughts!! Tons of anime fans as well as comic book lovers!! As a gamer and an avid horror fan both film and books Nice!!! Great grow list make sure to take some pics and post!! And don't be a stranger!!

Murrells Inlet SC
Hey welcome man. Thanks for the service. I hope all is well for you and we are all here for you. Just remember that this is just a blemish of who you are. youre a strong person and you can get through everything. You're in a safe place and you may send me a message anytime. I struggle daily with anxiety and some weeks are worse than others and I know how much your mental health can affect your life. But you'll get through it all. You're a strong person and you're doing great surrounding yourself with great people here. If you're ever looking to expand the garden too, I'll be sure to throw some seeds your way!
:welcome: to the THP forums, Terry!! Thank you for your service - it's great to have you aboard! Hope you have a wonderfully successful grow this year (even just the act of growing/nurturing, and being around living things/nature... is itself therapeutic! Getting to eat and enjoy the actual fruits is the bonus! The entire process is rewarding. May you be rewarded for your efforts!)
Stay strong! Hooah!  :cool:
Welcome and thank you for your service. Plenty of distraction comes from in and around a garden. I'm currently getting the slugs drunk in my my garden. :)