New to growing peppers

Hello, first of i will like to introduce my self, im Carlos from Central America El Salvador and new to growing hot peppers. I am about to get me some seeds to start my Carolina Reaper impire here in my country since those peppers are hard to find here but that is not why im here, I love hot peppers and i planted from seed some Jalapenos I have about 8 10inch Jalapeno plants they have been doing great outside but directly under a roof so sun light hits them but not at all directly. I have read here and there that this plants need alot of hours of direct sun light so since i have all my peppers plants in containers i decided to well do just that i put them in direct sun light, i came about 45 mins later to find droope jalapeno leaves so i inmidietly put them back were they were and the droope leaves came back to life, so my question here is do i need to leave my plants out in direct sun light or not? lol i do have to mention that it gets pretty darn hot here in Central America, i want my plants to grow nice and strong but i cant be taking them in and out to get direct sun light i have too many of them so should i stick with leaving them outside but under a roof so no direct sunligh or what do you all suggest?  :neutral:


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Hola Carlos, bienvenido!
This is the welcome section, please check and ask your questions in the proper section, so you can get an answer faster.
You can use a shadow net, you can see a picture here
These are also used in constructions, as protective net, or to "hide" a working area.
Depending on the sun and the net, you can use one layer, or 2 layers (or more). I suppose you are not working 7/7, so when you are home and can take care of plants, make some tests with such a net and see how the plants react.
Such a net is useful also against hail, if any in your area.
If possible, you can put the net in such way (depending also how many plants do you have) that the early sun reach directly the plants, and they are in the shadow at noon, or reach the plants in the afternoon.