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Next to My Chair - Bowls of Bonnets

Starting chili peppers here next to my chair in my little library again! :dance:
This one-windowed room at the southeast corner started as a place to read quietly and store my books. Over the last few years it's become not only my refuge, but also a WFH office, a light workshop, and a productive year-round indoor garden. The place has become commensurately cluttered and is badly in need of an exceptionally ruthless purge, so I fished out an old shot of a tidier time to head this year's glog on our spiffy new forum. (Siv's plant!!) (So spartan!) Ah..
It looks more like some hermit's rat hole in a cyberpunk novel now, lol. You'll see it eventually, I'm sure.


I've got enough superhot powder stocked up to go to war and I luurve Scotch Bonnets, so I'm going to grow mostly bonnets this year. I've got some good ones. These seeds went into the germinator after this photo. I've also got a TFM and a Zapotec jap I'm overwintering, so seven chili pepper plants this year. I'll start some cucamelon seeds, too, when my new tent arrives.


Really looking forward to the HSH and the Marabella - both were gorgeous plants with gorgeous pods last year. Thanks again @JGBaxter59 for the caramel beast seeds!

Some inspirational bowls. Mmm.. I can just taste them..


Good luck this year, everybody! Thanks for stopping by. :)
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Uncle Eckley

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Some great choices there, Unc. Hope it's good season for you.

Thankee, sir! Same to you!

Super! 😍

I can already imagine all those SB plants at the size of that one plant, all located next to your chair! 😄

That's one beautiful specimen you're growing, next to your chair 😋. What do you use as a grow light?

Well, they'll all go outside come May. They'll grow on the deck again. I don't grow peppers next to my chair year round anymore, just seedlings in the spring. I'd meant to have a raised bed ready for this season, but I've put it off another year. I'm building a fish tank this year instead! :D

That's Siv's plant! She was an experiment to see how big I could grow a chili plant indoors. Urged on by our friends - principally @Siv - I attempted to save her rather than just cut her down when she got bigger than I could manage (and aphids). I ended up torturing her to death; there's still a bare spot in my lawn at the east side of the house. I think I had two lights on her.. one must have been one of my HLG V2s. The other was probably the crappy loud China light I started with.

Uncle Eckley

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Always enjoy your grows Unk. Best of luck this season!

Nice to see you back at it Unc - looking forward to both your grow and any new Sci Fi book recommendations you may have :)

Thanks, guys!

Sure thing!
Hard: The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. First Contact and a crisis of faith. This book is upsetting, but you won't regret it once you've digested it. There's a sequel.

Space opera: the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. This is a scope and scale adventure like no other. Read it once and you'll love that girl for the rest of your life. Four books. Say hi to Uncle Martin for me. ;)

Uncle Eckley

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Had to put two more HSH seeds in the germinator - both of the first two failed to sprout. Everybody else is up.