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Next to My Chair Revival




Uncle Eckley

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Chewi said:
Going to need some info on that light!
It's an HLG100v2 4k.  Works very well.
MarcV said:
That is one nice looking plant!
Inoks said:
Epic looking "bonchi"
SineNomine said:
ahayastani said:
Welcome back :D
CaneDog said:
Hey there Mr. Uncle E.  Hope that 2021 is treating you well.  Great to see the pepper activity next to your old familiar chair.  The bonchi looks fantastic. 
I'm curious what the new Kratky start is - and if there's a story behind the fabrication of its container.
Thanks all!  The bonchi has been fun. It's about a year and a half old now, flowers and fruits near constantly, and hardly ever throws a "normal," undwarfed pod anymore.  Finally starting to build some height in the center, too.
Dr. Dog!  2021 is treating me well enough; we are warm and fed.  Holding on to your end over there?
The new start is a Dragon's Breath from Sandia Seed.  I printed the cup to fit two-inch clone collars.  I was sick of cutting foam to fit Solo cups and having to do something to keep out the light.

Uncle Eckley

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PaulG said:
Awesome, my friend! Your bonchi is
really something. Great pruning/shaping.
Thanks, Paul!  Sorry, I somehow missed your message at first.  I've had a desired shape in mind for the bonchi from the beginning.  Anything that violates that 'envelope' gets snipped.  Other than that I feed and water it, and that's all.  It's always been a very vigorous plant - grown from a bag of Bold Badger mystery seed. 
That picture's a couple months old.  It's looking pretty goofy right now with gangly new branches I've allowed to grow since they're growing where I want them (finally!).

Uncle Eckley

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Some highlights from last year.
Fruity supers

7PJs and a few bonnets

Resolved to quit fucking around and pecan-smoked some JPGS. It thought it turned out really well.






It came out brown. Other two are Reaper and Lemon Drop. I got five or six of those vials worth from the bowl of pods pictured.

A few of the better SRP pods I got.  Turns out my soil mix was shit and I had some calcium problems - especially with this guy and the Roma tomato I attempted.  I got the SRP seeds straight from Chris at Welsh Dragon and they lived up to their name for sure - an amazing gush of candy-sweet juice when you first bite into them.  These are contenders for the few grow-'em-every-season slots I can spare.

Naga Smooky Rainbow (in the back). This one was mostly a bust, but had some new experiences.  First, it's a very pretty plant - dark purple, almost black stems and unripe fruit, deep purple flowers, dark green foliage.  I grew two.  I got a few decent pods off the plant that went outside, but not much activity overall compared to my other chinenses.  The one I kept next to my chair was beautiful and flowered like crazy, but wouldn't produce ANY pollen.  I pollinated it with the bonchi flowers, which worked very well.  (I have the hybrid growing next to my chair right now. Light pink flowers, no fruit so far.)  I thought the pods from both plants tasted like shit.  I saved lots of seeds and powdered the pods.  The powder isn't very good, either.  This is a new and unstable strain, so maybe I just got crappy ones, but if they were all like the plants/pods I had I'd class this one an ornamental.




A very nice Papa Dreadie plant. Three large flushes from this guy, delicious pods.  Made lots of sauce and sweet pickled rings.  Seeds from CaneDog.  This was probably my best plant last year, Dr. Dog.



This year will be sorta small.  After experimenting some, I'm going with dirt outdoors and hydro indoors as a rule for the foreseeable future, all seedlings started Kratky.  The only possible exception is a 100G rain barrel I found online for a great price; I've been wanting to try a giant set-and-forget reservoir for a while now.
I've got seeds down/started for Dragon's Breath (Sandia), Bahamian Goat (WHP), TFM (CD), and 7PBSY (WHP) to go outside.  Zapotecs (RF) and Aleppos (CD) going down next week to grow outside, too.  Haven't really thought about what to do indoors after my NSR hybrid fruits..

Uncle Eckley

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MarcV said:
Grown from mystery seed - I wanted to ask what variety it is but then I guess you probably don't know for sure. Fruits look like undergrown habs or scotch bonnets...?
Based on BB's furnished grow list from the year that produced the bag seed, there is a strong likelihood that it's a 7PY or some OP hybrid thereof.  

Uncle Eckley

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MarcV said:
Grown from mystery seed - I wanted to ask what variety it is but then I guess you probably don't know for sure. Fruits look like undergrown habs or scotch bonnets...?
Here she is as originally grown - indoors in a half-gallon jar.  She was a beast.




The pods we took when daughter and I cut it down to size and replanted as a bonsai.  There were SO many unripe.




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Glad to hear the Papa Dreadie did so well for you E.  I just had this season's sprout over the weekend.  The TFM produced textbook pods for me as I remember, though not as heavily as the Dreadie.
Cool shot of your back deck and yard, above.  Looks like a great place to chill.