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Nice little article about Ed Currie

I just froze another gallon bag I had and made another Habanero Pepper Jelly with others. Temperature has dropped way faster this year than usual... not sure how many I will get going forward - but if I do get a bunch more I will reach out. If not, remember next year as I always have tons. I had somewhere between 60 and 70 habanero plants this year and I'll have at least that next year.
Just FYI, frozen works for my purposes too, if you have too many :) (I know that's hard to do though)
I'll let you know. I have a few more Habanero Jellies to make and some to dry - but if I do have too many - I certainly will reach out. I could have hooked you up for sure about a month ago. I was trying to figure out what in the hell to do with 8 gallon bags of them in my freezer (I know crazy thought) 3 huge salsa's, 3 batches of jelly and many dried (including smoked) later... I'm down to just a couple. However, I did just pick almost another gallon bag today. :dance: