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misc No hardening

I was forced to move my plants outside without hardening them off. We are selling our house so had to get them out for open houses. I hope they survive. They were beautiful.


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From last picture, it looks like they are somehow trying to stay alive. No hardening is hard but plants can catch up with a bit of time and weather luck. I had to do that this year as well, all plants were looking pretty bad 1 month ago, no they start to look decent and I have good hope for the future crop late summer.


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Plants look great! Glad everything worked out. I’m diggin’ that planter box too! :party:
Could substitute a more P and K focused feed for pod production if you think it's lacking fruit. I'd just keep doing what you're doing though. Part of growing peppers aside from eating them is also enjoying how they look, and yours look quite nice indeed.